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Wind Down: Switching off with Sleep by Headspace

3 меc назад

A simple visualization to soothe the mind and relax the body, creating the ideal conditions for healthy, restful sleep. Try all of our wind downs plus 12 new ...


7 лет назад

Click here to join Andy Puddicombe as he guides you through a ten-minute meditation, part of his "TAKE TEN" program. For more, read his book GET SOME ...

Headspace | Meditation | Letting Go of Effort

1 лет назад

Are you trying too hard? We're often taught in life that the more effort we put in, the more we'll get out. It turns out meditation is the exception to that rule. In this ...

Try a sleep sound: "Forgotten Shapes" in Sleep by Headspace

2 меc назад

At the end of a long day, allow yourself to relax and let go with one of our 19 sleep sounds. Using soothing melodies and natural sounds, our new sleep sounds ...

Headspace | Meditation | How To Be OK With Dark Thoughts

10 меc назад

Sometimes thoughts arise that we might not like. They could be angry, exciting or just plain inappropriate. Meditation teaches us to sit with our thoughts, ...

Andy Puddicombe Guides Jimmy Through a Two-Minute Headspace Meditation

1 лет назад

Headspace's Andy Puddicombe guides Jimmy, The Roots and the Tonight Show audience through a brief meditation that can be done anywhere. Subscribe ...

Headspace | Mini Meditation | Let Go of Stress

7 меc назад

We all get stressed from time to time. A little bit of stress can be beneficial, but when stress overwhelms you, it can have serious health implications including ...

Headspace | Meditation | The Impatient Yogi

7 меc назад

For some meditation can feel self-indulgent. After all, how is sitting there, ever going to help other people? This ancient story looks what meditation is really all ...

Headspace | Meditation | Changing Perspective

1 лет назад

Learning how to meditate means accepting that our minds won't go quiet the moment we sit and close our eyes. So if we can't just clear the mind on-demand, ...

Sleepcast: “Compass Gardens” on Sleep by Headspace

3 меc назад

Allow yourself to be transported to eight exotic gardens, each from a different latitude. Sleepcasts use sound and visualization to create the perfect atmosphere ...

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe

6 лет назад

When is the last time you did absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes? Not texting, talking or even thinking? Mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe describes the ...

Guided Meditation for Sleep | Get a Good Night’s Rest

2 лет назад

Prepare your mind for a restful night with this one-minute exercise. ..................................................................................................................... Studies...

Meditation Apps: Headspace vs Calm!

8 меc назад

Meditation and mindfulness is on the rise. While I wouldn't say it's made me a zen master, it's definitely helped me notice a lot of the physiological responses with ...

Headspace | Meditation | The Hole in the Road

11 меc назад

It's hard to change something that you can't see. This story demonstrates that awareness is the first step toward positive change, in our minds, and in our lives.

Headspace | Mini meditation | Find your focus

2 меc назад

Practice a relaxed sense of focus using this one-minute meditation. If you enjoy this animation, and you'd like to learn how to meditate, you can get started for ...

Headspace | Mini meditation | Breathe

1 меc назад

Add a touch of spaciousness to your day with this super-short meditation. If you enjoy this animation, and you'd like to learn how to meditate, you can get started ...

Say hello to Headspace

1 лет назад

Download the Headspace app and learn to meditate whenever you want, wherever you are, in just a few minutes a day. Each day, it delivers a new guided ...

Headspace | Meditation | Training the Monkey Mind

8 меc назад

When you first close your eyes to meditate, you might be surprised by how energetic the mind is. Where is the peace I was promised? It's not peaceful in here at ...

Headspace | Meditation | Why Focus on the Happiness of Others?

12 меc назад

Have you ever wondered why, when we chase after happiness, it can seem very elusive? Meditation is about so much more than sitting with our eyes closed.

Headspace | Meditation | Underlying Calm

1 лет назад

Looking for peace and quiet? You've already got it. In this animation, Headspace's co-founder, Andy Puddicombe, describes the stillness that's present in all our ...

Former monk talks hit meditation app Headspace

3 лет назад

Headspace, an app that provides guided meditation, has three million downloads as users perform a centuries-old practice with a swipe of a smartphone.